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SISTERS’ FATE Reviewer Appreciation Great Big Giveaway

Hi! SISTERS’ FATE has been out in the world for a month already! How crazy is that?! Have you had a chance to read it yet? What did you think?

There are SO MANY BOOKS in the world. If you’ve already made the time to buy (or borrow) SISTERS’ FATE and read it – thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!

And if you’ve made time to review it somewhere online – thank you again. Because sharing book love is such a wonderful gift to authors (and hopefully to your friends who will pick up the books you love and love them too – or at least be able to have a great conversation with you about them!). I am incredibly thankful to those of you who leave honest, thoughtful reviews on your blogs, Goodreads, and various retailers and social media spots. It’s so hard for books to get noticed – especially, I think, later books in a series, if the series isn’t already a bestseller. People forget! I am guilty of this myself.

All of this is to say – I appreciate you! So I’m having a great big reviewer appreciation giveaway. You can win the following things:

GBG pic 1 ARCs

GBG 2 - foreign editions

GBG 3 - cover flatsYou can enter just by tweeting about the contest or by following my Jessica Shea Spotswood author Facebook page (where I hope to be posting more about PETTICOATS & PISTOLS and announcing a new project soon!). But if to thank reviewers, the more places you review SISTERS’ FATE, the more entries you get! I will choose 2 winners to split the ARCs and get first choice of the cover flats and foreign editions. Then I will choose 20 winners for bookplates and signed bookmarks, and the first people who get back to me with their addresses will get first choice of the remaining foreign editions & cover flats. Make sense? Contest is open until midnight Sept 30. US residents only.

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